August 2012 Minutes

August 21, 2012 Board Meeting

Meeting was called to order by President Reid Lende at 5:37 p.m. Present were board members Reid Lende, Peggy Jacobsen, Kitty Springer, Leslie Beffert, Phil Maurer, Joel Cahoon, Paul McClennen, Jim Halberg, Phil Bailey and Secretary Carole Buckner.  Shane Brown was absent.

Minutes were approved via email.

Member Ernie Meador gave a presentation on the format of Men’s League.  He proposed that the Board discuss changing the format to a team format, similar to a bowling league.  Teams would be determined based on handicap and the same teams would golf each week. A point system to track the weekly winners would accumulate throughout the season which would determine the champion at the end of the season.  He feels this would increase the number of men participating and provide a more competitive format.  Ernie requested that the board consider advertising this in the newspaper to increase the awareness of the change and promotion of the new format.  He also addressed the idea of forming a Men’s Association to facilitate the league.  There would be an organizational meeting scheduled to create the association at a date to be announced.

Carole provided a year to date profit and loss statement comparison to last year and also reported that there has been continued improvement over the past three years.  The accounts payable are current and the course is showing a positive cash flow.

Jim reported that the Pro Shop income is up 37% over last year, rounds played are up by 30% and the bar revenue is up, but not as significantly.  The Friday night special events have continued to be popular and a special thanks goes out to Sheri for organizing them.  Jim noted that the bar revenue can be increased by actively pursuing more functions to be held at the course next season.

Paul presented his report for the greens committee. He and his crew have been repairing irrigation leaks, which has been more efficient after installing gate valves to isolate the areas that need repair.  Trees have been transplanted between #6 and #7 from other areas of the course, the berm will be re-seeded next spring and a cleanup day will be scheduled to cut down and clean up dead trees.  Paul will be doing the end of the year cart maintenance and getting them ready for the off season.  He reported that the repairs to the clubhouse that were requested by the insurance company after their inspection have been done.  Financially, he is operating within his budget and the result of the increased spending on fertilizer and chemicals is visible in the condition of the course.  An employee bar-b-que will be held in the near future, to thank them for their hard work.  Paul announced that the bowling season starts on September 6th and the board agreed to sponsor the team again this year.

The tournament committee reported that the River Runs Through It and the Park High Invitational have been completed.  Upcoming tournaments include the Club Championship, Labor Day Tournament, St. Mary’s Fairways to Heaven and the Sister City Tournament.  The Gardiner Bruin Booster Club is going to facilitate a tournament in September also.

President Reid Lende stated that he is going to compose a newsletter with the help of Kitty and Leslie to send out with the ballot.  This will include information on upcoming events, and an overview of what will be discussed at the Annual Meeting.  The board agreed to meet on September 11th at 5:30 to review the agenda for the annual meeting and to count the ballots for the election.  Reid asked Carole to provide him with a membership report prior to the Annual Meeting.

The next meeting, which will be the Annual Meeting, will be held on September 18th, at 6:00 p.m. at the golf course.

Peggy made a motion to adjourn, it was seconded by Joel and the meeting was adjourned at 7:31 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Carole Buckner, Secretary

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